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How to Scale Commercial Real Estate

Dec 30, 2022

✨We are joined today with Landon Dory run a full-service 1031 exchange platform helping legacy owners of investment real estate transition their portfolios into long-term, corporate credit NNN properties. His average client has a tax saving of over $200k per $1m in asset value.


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Dec 27, 2022

✨Join with us today is Robert Martinez

Robert is the only 2X winner of the NAA Independent Rental Owner of the Year. Rockstar Capital has earned 19 city, state and national apartment awards. Rockstar Capital currently manages 4,849 total units across 24 apartment communities.

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Dec 26, 2022

✨Join with us today are Skye Logan, CEO of Philantroinvestors and Ivan Anz, founder of Capitanz.

Ivan Anz had transformed even one industry, his story would be worth telling. It’s all the more amazing that having done so with one, Ivan is now changing three more. He will tell you that it’s not the business, it’s...

Dec 23, 2022


✨Andy is a value investor with an appreciation for growth-oriented investing in real estate. He is CEO of Midloch Investment Partners, which focuses on markets in the Midwest, middle-market properties and Class B properties.


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Dec 21, 2022

✨In today’s episode we are joined by  Lior Rozhansky, a multifamily investor focusing on buying apartments in one of the most expensive markets, Boston. Liar does a lot of heavy value-add projects and specialize in heavy construction.


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